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What will C.A.M.P. help you do?

  • Use cost effective, time efficient, and evidence based tools and techniques on a daily basis to get successful results of self-regulation
  • Build good habits to change your life
  • Become an expert at self-observation and self-awareness
  • Internal energy management by doing daily exercises
  • Awakening your mind power with daily practice

What is C.A.M.P. ?

  • A program imagined by Dr. Chetana Kripalu, designed to help our patients deal with some of life's most challenging health and wellness issues. Right now, the program is in the developmental stage and a pilot is currently being conducted. Once polished, this life changing program will be available to our entire practice.

What will C.A.M.P. help you understand?

  • How your thoughts affect your health
  • Tools to manage stress responses and self-regulation
  • Transformation of stress helps to build resilience
  • How mind power is important to create your new reality


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Conscious Awakening of My Power

How can C.A.M.P. help you in your day to day life?

  • Apply the skills/ tools/ techniques you learn in the program regularly and during events of stress
  • Keep your mind thinking positive
  • Learn to be self-motivated
  • Developing self-awareness and using mind power to continuously stay joyful in the face of any unforseen eventuality
  • Using law of attraction to manifest your desires

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